Algist Bruggeman,  a subsidiary of the Lesaffre Group, produces baker’s yeast for both traditional and industrial bakeries and for the private home baker. The baker’s yeast is sold in fresh, liquid or dry form.  In addition, Algist Bruggeman is selling improvers, mixes and premixes completed with a wide range of sourdough products. In that way, Algist Bruggeman is a solution provider for all bakers.

Algist Bruggeman is a Belgian company, situated in the Ghent Canal area.


Since its creation in 1949, Algist Bruggeman has grown to become a leading manufacturer of baker’s yeast.  Our long-standing experience has endowed us with a strong product knowledge and process control, which results in a first-class product.

In addition, we are proud to call ourselves pioneers in the development of new yeast products and applications, which means that we can always meet the quickly changing needs of the bakers and industrial bakeries.


A job at Algist Bruggeman means working together with 190 enthusiastic colleagues in a dynamic, high-tech company, and with essential values like product quality, safety, sustainability and innovation.

At this moment we are looking for a



You participate in developing the business strategy in alignment with the regional and group strategy and implement sales and marketing programs to achieve the objectives. Initially you will further develop our marketing activities and bring them to the next level. Later on, you will gradually take over also the sales activities.



  • You further grow the Algist Bruggeman reputation/image: you increase market share while maintaining healthy profit margins.
  • In the context of Strategic Marketing, you gather market knowledge & customer, user and consumer knowledge. You perform market research with focus on competitor analysis and markets trends.
  • You draw up a Marketing Plan (Offline & Online, events, communications,…)
  • You manage the Marketing Budget
  • You are responsible for the Product Management. You work on product Life Cycle Management, product Mix, Margin analysis, portfolio / Finance analytics,…
  • You are in charge of Brand management (which key messages to convey, brand references, brand identity, reputation measurement, etc.)





  • You report to the Sales Director and work closely together with him to develop the annual as well as strategic mid-term plan.
  • You develop and maintain a network with major stakeholders inside and outside the local organization, such as suppliers, governmental bodies as well as (potential) customers.
  • You are responsible for following up the commercial budgets and cost budgets. You check and discuss deviations and carry out corrective actions.
  • You work out promotional sales actions to support sales.
  • You are responsible for following up the technical and commercial development regarding product, packaging, bakery technology and new application possibilities of this product.
  • You are in charge of handling complaints.



Profile :


  • You preferably have a Master’s degree, combined with several years of relevant experience in Sales and Marketing .
  • You have good communication skills and are strong in project management.
  • You have an action oriented management style with a structured approach to problem solving.
  • Translating strategic vision and ideas into tactics and actions are in your DNA.
  • You have strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ideally, you are fluent in English, Dutch and French.
  • You have good computer skills and the flexibility to work with website content, texts, graphics and video




Please apply by sending your cover letter and CV to

    Algist Bruggeman NV

    Langerbruggekaai 37 • 9000 GENT • Havennr. 7980A • BE0434963737 +32 (0)9 257 08 08